Avalon by Lynne den Hartog

"Donna caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror on the wall and turned pale. The reflection was misty but her image was not alone. There were other faces flashing before her eyes. A young girl, clad all in white, her eyes filled with fear; a limping man, arms outstretched, searching for something just out of reach; a figure, clothes ripped and torn, with blood streaming from his face; and many more. She closed her eyes in fear and when she opened them again, the images had disappeared – at least... Standing behind her she saw the one vision she had expected to meet there ... Gwydo."

This is a gripping tale of Celtic mythology centered around the mysterious "Avalon," a beautiful romantic cottage in the remote wilds of Wales. Yet, this seemingly innocent location is the setting for an eternal conflict between Good and Evil – a portal between Life and Death, where star-crossed lovers are fated to play out their dreams and nightmares throughout time.

Cover by Patti Gregson