Rainbow Dreams
by Lynne den Hartog

From the talented pen of an author from the Netherlands comes a collection of ten short stories exploring the intimacy of women's thoughts and dreams. Read about the torment and ecstasy of the Eternal Triangle, portrayed in "Flowers in the Rain." This story gives you, the reader, the chance to pick your own ending. Experience the hopes and fears of a first date in "The Meeting." Will reality live up to fantasy for these young lovers? Have you ever dreamed of making sweet passionate love in the open air? "Nature Lovers" shows you how.

Consider the older woman and her young lover in "Spring and Autumn." Would you make the choice they did? The clash of cultures and expectations in "The Seduction" as a young man is initiated into the joys of sex will capture your imagination. These tales of seduction and love against the odds open a window on the secret world of the female psyche.

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