Excerpt Fevered Spirits


Fevered Spirits

Deep at night I lie in dread,
Cloaked in dreamtime shroud.
Fervent visions fill my head,
I stir and moan aloud.

Burning passion fills my heart
With fever's molten flood.
I dream of he who quenches smart
With tears of precious blood.

Senses spinning, reason flawed,
My soul begins to blaze,
And spawns a mystic darkling lord
Who meets my yearning gaze.

Shadowform of mystery
Merging with the night,
Creature of insanity,
Dark enemy of light.

Liquid stream of desire,
Moonmad hunger rise,
Reflections of a starlit fire
Glinting in dark eyes.

He lifts the veil and finds his prey,
This hunter of the good.
He deifies the death of day,
His home is Nightmare Wood.

Recognition dawning
In confusion's cave,
Through the fogs of mourning
I see beyond the grave.

Though I struggle to resist
All sanctuary has fled,
And rising in a cloud of mist
My spirit leaves the bed.

Elements amalgamate
In the realm of hell,
A pit of flames and pain innate
Where nightmare creatures dwell.

As Inferno's flaming pyre
Illuminates the deed,
Two figures dance in timeless fire
Immersed in mutual need.


Holiday Romance

Walking along the beach
With you,
Hand in hand.
Naked feet,
Washed by surf and sand.
Staring into blue eyes,
Reflected moonlight
Washing through
My mind.

Lips meeting
In first time curiosity,
Brine scent,
Salt tasting,
Passion rising,
As tongues merge
In midnight madness.
Hands caressing,
Searching for release
From long pent up frustration.

Then, prostrate on the sand,
Shattered seashells
Stimulating the senses,
I hear you sigh,
"I want you"
Feeling your touch upon my skin
I resist no longer,
And press my needing body
Close to yours.
I whisper,
"Now my darling."
"Take me now."

Waves washing over bodies
Entwined in hot embrace.
Ocean sounds
Mingling with lover's cries,
Surf breaking in crescendo.
Nature echoes
Human passion
As cries of joy
Soar like seabirds
Into the night sky.

Lying together
At ebbing tide,
Sand and salt
Drying on our skins,
Contentment fills our souls.
For we have made a memory
That will endure
As long as oceans
Kiss our shores.


Obscene phone call

I was laying in bed,
Having fun with my peach,
When my mobile went off
With an ear-splitting screech.

I jumped out of bed,
Tripped over the cat,
And stifled an oath
As my nose hit the mat.

The cat was upset,
At this sudden attack,
So dug all her nails
In my now-exposed back.

Swearing and cursing
And tearing my hair,
I lurched to my feet
And knocked over a chair.

I twisted my ankle
And fell on my arse,
Hitting the table
And dislodging a vase.

Teetering madly,
It hung by a thread,
Then with a thud
It fell on my head.

Dizzy and wet
I lay on the floor,
I just didn't think
I could take any more.

But the phone was still ringing
So I reached out to get it,
But fate had decreed
That my hand never met it.

The cat had returned
To the place where I lay
With murderous plans
To lay claim to her prey.

Eyes full of terror
I watched her come near,
My body a tableau
That was frozen in fear.

She eyed up her victim,
All naked and bare,
Then spitting and hissing
She flew through the air.

One minute later
She made good her retreat,
Leaving me bleeding,
Exhausted and beat

Dragging my feet,
Fed up and forlorn,
I finally managed
To pick up the horn.

First there was silence
And then heavy breathing.
What pervert was this?
By now I was seething.

At the end of my tether
I vented my spleen,
My voice full of fury,
My words quite obscene.

Imagine my horror
When instead of a man
I found myself talking
To my asthmatic nan.

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