Poems are Copyright 2002 Elana White

No reproduction in any form is permissable without written permission of the author


Have you ever licked pomegranate juice
from the tip of a ripe, begging breast
Have you ever sipped sweet red wine
from the hollow of a passion-arched spine
Have you ever sucked crushed strawberries
from the webbing of tender splayed fingers
Have you ever eaten melted chocolate
from a bowl filled with cream and quivering
I know that you have not
for you have not tasted me



I think about you with my hands.

Fingertips muse over my thighs
   palms meditate upon my breasts
nails lightly consider the texture
   of excited nipples

the thought of you moves over me
and sensitive digits concentrate
fix upon the deep red concept
at the centre of everything

I send you the images
   sensations, cogitations

transmitted by my flesh
   through Erotic Sensory Perception



A bed for you of thistle down
and moonbeams' light shall be your crown
with gems of dew adorning there
and combs of feather for your hair

A blanket of the orchid's bloom
still scented with her sweet perfume
and pillows softer than the breast
of mother sparrow on her nest

Lie gently there my shining king
secure from viper's wandering
the faery ring hides us from harm
and crickets stand to ring alarm

Your imps are safely in their bowers
pixies perch atop their towers
they sing soft hymns to help you sleep
and watch the stealthy beetles creep

So we are safe, my king, my lord
all night for love we can afford
I shall bestow my gifts on you
To prove my throth is strong and true

A thousand kisses I have saved
and give them with my heart enslaved
see how my wings unfurl with lust
and quiver off their faery dust

It falls in showers round your head
so to my spell you're meekly led
I make of you a living throne
my vassal now you are my drone

Sip from my breasts my sylphid mist
like aphid's juice is gently kissed
and I'll milk gently with my thighs
to close the cycle with your sighs

Now sleep my precious tired sprite
the birds will wake you when it's light
so you can govern once again
but I'll watch o'er you until then

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