CHAINED MELODIES by Lynne den Hartog Published by Renaissance E Books
ISBN # 1929670869 Rated: Hard R / NC 17


- A hauntingly good anthology -

CHAINED MELODIES is a delightful collection of short erotic stories by English born Lynne den Hartog.

Christmas Present - a perfectly wrapped gift, except for one little detail

The Turning Tides of Time - twenty years have passed, but still she remembers him

White Christmas - loneliness and the ghost of the past are her only companions

Candles in the Breeze - jut one last ingredient was missing form her perfect recreation

The Portal - tragedy caused her to lose her husband and her sense of self, but a strange night changes it all

Agony Agent - why the sudden interest in her work? Was he truly a sensitive man?

The Crystal Ball - an erotic first encounter

Toy Story - a nice visit to an adult toy store leads to an even nicer evening at home

All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor - what's a girl to do in a mostly all girls school? Luckily there's a navy base nearby

Pocahontas: The Alternate Story - John needed her to help him with a wound, but found a new need surfacing

He Came. She Saw. She Conquered. - captured and sold at market, he finds that maybe a life of servitude wasn't the hardship he had imagined

His Mistress - he was there by chose to be her pleasure toy

The punishment - claimed within the bonds of love and trust, her companions frustration and pain, and finally fulfillment

Confessions of a Phone-Sex Girl - if you are good at it, why shouldn't you do it? And she is definitely good at what she does

From mild to hardcore kinky, Lynne paints vivid pictures of desire in various times. Let her tempt you with a tale set in the Roman Empire at its high of glory, or the confession of modern day phone sex girl. Experience the pain of a loving slave, and the passion filled agony of remembering a lost loved one and the times shared. Journey with a woman into an adult toy store and reap the results with her as she returns home to her husband. Within these pages, there is a little bit of something to whet every appetite.

- This review C Michelle Houston, 2002. All rights reserved -

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