Do you want to get it on with Santa? Lynne's got a story for you. Do you want to go to a toy store and pick up something -- Oh wait. You do too know what kind of toy store I'm talking about. Don't play innocent with me. So do you? Do you want to go to a toy store and pick up something to take home and surprise hubby?

Maybe you'd like to find out what it's like to be an English soldier taken prisoner by the Romans. You wouldn't want to be taken to Rome, you wouldn't want to be sold as a slave, but if you were wouldn't it be nice if your owner is young, beautiful ...? Wouldn't that make things just that special tiny bit better?

Or maybe you'd like to be the other kind of slave. You know, the kind that gets tied to a chair while her master teases and tantalizes her before he finally allows her to... Yeah. That would be okay, wouldn't it?

You can go to ancient Rome in this book, or you can go into the near future. Maybe you'd like to find out about what a lonely man found on the beach, and the wonderful reward he receives for finding it.

And as long as you're imagining things about beaches, imagine this: two young girls visiting a ship full of ... Dutch sailors. Bring any ideas to mind?

I could go on. In fact I'm tempted to. But I think you get my point. There's something in this book for all of us. And because Lynne wrote it, we already know it'll be good, and touching, and passionate -- no, make that HOT! -- and above all well-written.

This lady knows what she's doing. Buy the book and find out.

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