Mythic Fantasies Anthology
Various Authors, Amatory Ink

Review by: Lisa Bishop

If you have a passion for the darker more literary erotica, then Mythic Fantasies Anthology from Amatory Ink is a must read. Full bodied plots brimming with passion and aesthetic settings so real that they burst with dimension and reality. Every story ís unique characterizations, from a snake goddess to mermaids, a werewolf to apparitions, each character ís vibrant descriptions and passionate plights ensnare the readerís attention and inability to set this anthology aside.

What's more, unlike typical erotica where the plot is built around the sexual act, the act is interwoven into the plot of many of these stories. The sexual encounters are innovative and titillating with their edgy characters. Typically sex with a Merman, Mermaid, Werewolf, Creel (a tiger like creature), a snake, would be taboo, but these delicious scenarios force the reader to consider the fantastical realm of beyond, of another time or circumstance.

This phenomenal offering from Amatory Ink, Mythic Fantasies Anthology, includes many great authors who are passionate about their work and every facet of their stories.

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