In this corner we have Jenny and Ralph, and in the opposite corner we have Elizabeth and Tony. But no, it isn't that way. People aren't in the right corners. Jenny and Ralph aren't getting along in their corner, and guess what: Elizabeth and Tony aren't getting along either! But Ralph and Elizabeth aren't really in different corners. They have discovered each other on the internet and they've been playing the ever-so-intimate "I'll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours" game in another corner called private chat. So all we need is for Jenny and Tony to get together and we'll have a neat, tidy package, right?

Wrong. See, there's this other guy, named Angelo, who is sitting in the front row near Jenny. Angelo is tall and Mediterranean-looking and muscular and has shoulder-length hair. And Jenny keeps glancing at him. So we sort of have a hunch things aren't going to get tied up with a neat little bow. We're not going to swap spouses and live happily ever after.

Certainly not. You see, Angelo isn't just your ordinary guy-you-find-in-a-bar kind of guy. Angelo likes to teach women how to be submissive to him. So when Jenny goes to a bar to drown her anger and meets Angelo, can blindfolds and handcuffs be far behind? Actually, "Can the back seat of Jenny's car be far behind?" would be a better question, because that's where the action starts. Yes indeed, it's a hot little scenario that just about anybody who led a red-blooded healthy adolescence can identify with in a heartbeat.

And at about this point my heart was beginning to beat fairly vigorously. It didn't slow down for a long time.

You see, there's more. Lots more. While Jenny and Angelo are just beginning to discover each other, Ralph and Elizabeth are carrying out a red-blooded healthy adult dream. You know, the one in which he pretends to go off on a business trip and meets Elizabeth at the airport and they fall into each other's arms in an extended passionate embrace and rush off to a hotel, pawing at each other every mile of the way.

So it's starting to look as if poor Tony is the one who will be edged out of the picture. Jenny will have Angelo, Ralph will have Elizabeth, and poor Tony will be out of luck.

Or will he? Will Jenny really become Angelo's slave? Will Ralph and Elizabeth live happily ever after? What will Tony do?

Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out.

There's good writing all the way through this book, and there are plenty of steamy scenes guaranteed to take the pleats out of any kilt. Terry MacCoy, a new name to me, won't be a new name for long. Read this book, and watch for more. That's my recommendation, and that's what I'll be doing - right after I iron my kilt.

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