Reviewed by J.Z. Sharpe

Do two wrongs make a right? In the case of Wives and Lovers, a novel by Terry MacCoy, they make a fast-paced, sexy novel.

Jennie is married to Ralph, and from the start, it's plain to see that Ralph is no prize package. Although Jennie stays home to care for her children, and struggles to keep a household that is up to his high expectations, Ralph never seems satisfied. However, his dissatisfaction may stem from the fact that he has met another woman on the Internet, a large-breasted beauty named Elizabeth, who Ralph would prefer to call Beth. Jennie discovers his online affair and with the assistance of her best friend Joan, embarks on an affair of her own. Angelo, her Spanish lover, introduces her to sexual joys she never imagined possible (all outlined in scrupulous detail by Ms. MacCoy). Of course, as one might expect, these affairs cannot go undiscovered, and when the truth is known at last, both Jennie and Ralph are forced to decide about their future. Where does that future lead? You'll need to read this book to find out.

Wives and Lovers is a quick read; in fact, by the time I reached the last pages, I wondered if it was almost too quick! I would have appreciated a little more time with these characters, as well as the peripheral players such as Joan, with her preference for younger lovers. (Of course, I admit to a small prejudice toward any character named Joan.) Still, the sex scenes - and there are plenty! - are well-written and quite steamy, portraying a wide variety of activities, all strung onto a swiftly moving plot.

I found this book to be a most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps you'll agree?


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