Stolen Moment

by B.K. Bilicki

Copyright (c) 2000


"Come to me, my love."

The voice in the darkness beckoned to him and Kat shivered as his beloved Rialle's words caressed him gently through the cool night air. Beneath his long gray cloak, his body screamed for her, set aflame by her whispered request. Fighting the urge to leap forward and ravage her, he reached up and undid the clasp holding his cloak shut. The heavy wool fell to the ground in a heap and he started to walk towards her slowly.

"I've been waiting for you so long."

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he continued his silent stalking. Stripping off his black shirt, he discarded it behind him as he did the cloak. His senses flared and tried to snatch her from the night, to bring her out into plain sight, but he held them in check, wanting to see her only through the veil of darkness she wore. A curious sound sliced through him and he nearly gasped as he realized its source.

"Hear how much I've missed you."

In his mind's eye, he could see her long strong fingers sliding through her soaked wetness, teasing herself in preparation for him. Licking his lips, he could see the golden sheen upon her fingers as she lazily drew glistening trails over her body and breasts. Kicking off his boots one at a time without ceasing his slow journey, he drew closer to her, his breathing growing more ragged with each new step.

"Breathe deep, lover."

He instinctively obeyed, drawing in a deep breath through his flared nostrils. Just as quickly, he released the breath through his mouth in a low, growling sigh. Her scent flooded him, threatening to release the animal lurking within. Loosing his belt, he deftly leaped up out of his pants in one swift and silent motion. Landing gently upon his bare feet, he flipped his pants to the side as he closed in on her. Suddenly a small patch of night before him dissolved into a faint blue glow and he stopped abruptly, ready to spring. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the light and he gasped at what the faint glow revealed.

Before him, centered in an expanse of jet black night, was his beloved's innermost secret, spread out between her raised legs in a tempting display meant for him alone. Above the delicate petals of her sex hovered her left hand, its fingers a mere breath away from self-pleasure. They moved slowly and languorously, as if casting an intricate spell upon this most enchanting of places. The blue glow erupted from the gemstone on her ring finger, eternal sign of their abiding love. The tip of her middle finger dipped down and traced the outline of her lips and her soft moan eased through the night. "Oh, Kat," she sighed as she struggled to keep her fingers from her yearning clit. "Come to me now."

Kat watched her hips start to strain upwards, urgently demanding pleasure from her teasing fingers. Naked and trembling, he watched her body wrestle with itself, trying to bring her higher without stumbling over the mountain's peak.

"Kat," Rialle nearly whined, "get over here." Silence answered her. "I need you," she rumbled, her voice a low growling breath. Again, silence. She groaned deeply and stroked her clit once, sending a jolt of pleasure racing through her body. Impatience followed close on its heels and she placed her middle finger squarely on her clit. "Get over here, Kat," she warned, fighting the tremble in her voice, "or I swear by Kel, I'll do it myself!"

A tongue quickly and quietly fluttered up between her wet lips before delving into her body. Her gasp of surprise and pleasure was swiftly replaced by a yelp of distress as Kat bit her middle finger and pulled it away from her clit. "Mine!" he growled before giving her clit a quick kiss.

"Yours," she agreed in a frantic whisper as she raised her hips, trying to snare his elusive tongue.

"Mine," he repeated, his voice rife with a predatory smugness. Then his tongue took the place of his words, flowing around her excited nub in a series of slow circles. Her hands found his head and her fingers entwined in his hair as she pulled him closer, eagerly riding his tongue to wherever it would take her. He smiled against her flesh, once again marveling at her enthusiasm, as he started to nibble and suck at every part of her dripping sex. He took each of her nether lips into his mouth, licking their length and sucking every drop of her nectar he could find. His hands joined in the dance, stroking her thighs and lightly probing her opening. Slipping a finger inside her, he started stroke it in and out, deftly massaging her walls while he sucked gently on her clit. Her groans and whimpers reached a crescendo and he reached up to tweak one of her nipples as the tip of his tongue started flicking her held clit.

The room exploded in a blaze of blue-white light produced by her ring as Rialle screamed out her peak. Her body bucked and writhed upon the bed while her passionate cries resounded off the walls. Undaunted, Kat increased the pace of his onslaught, running the length of his tongue over her clit repeatedly while his finger continued to thrust into her. Gripping his head firmly, she pulled him away from the center of her universe of pleasure as she screamed, "No more!"

Kat heeded her plea and raised his head just in time to see her body slump back upon the soft bed. The ring on her finger still blazed brightly, covering them both in a soft blue glow which pulsed in time with her heartbeat. Chuckling softly, he lowered her bent legs back to the bed one at a time, massaging and kissing each one tenderly. He pressed a slow wet kiss into the soft tangle of hair covering her mound while inhaling her sacred aroma. A faint coo answered his efforts and he continued, leaving a trail of fluttering kisses from her mound up across her belly. Giggles marked her most ticklish places and he teasingly licked and nipped at a few of them before continuing his slow journey. Moving his body over hers, his lips pressed into the space between her breasts and he kissed her chest, opening his mouth just enough to lick the sheen of sweat gathered there.

Her body squirmed, virtually radiating impatience as her hands reached for his face. Gently swatting them away, he pressed a quick kiss to each of her erect nipples then returned to the center of her chest. He resumed his advance, kissing a path up to her throat and then across to her shoulder. Again she reached for him and again he swatted her questing hands away despite her groan of frustration. Starting at the top of her shoulder, he traced the tip of his tongue across it up to the side of her neck. He nibbled his way up to her ear then nuzzled it playfully as he settled beside her on the bed.

Drawing away, she turned her head to face him. "You are maddening!" she whispered, her eyes flashing fire despite her wide smile.

"And you are entirely too impatient, my love," he returned, grinning at her mischievously and kissing the tip of her nose.

She nodded once before lunging at him. Their lips came together and they kissed deeply as they embraced. Her legs wrapped around his and she rolled over on top of him. A passionate growl rumbled deep in her throat as she rubbed her mound over his throbbing length.

Breaking their kiss, he frowned at her. "Such impatience!" he said in a scolding voice. "Really now, Rialle. I-"

His protest was abruptly silenced as her wetness licked up over the underside of his shaft. Slowly her sex positioned itself just over the engorged head, cradling it in exquisite heat. "You were saying?" she asked impishly.

"Yes, I was," he replied, trying not to give in to the heavenly sensations. "First you call me back home in the middle of my rounds. Then you ravage me in the dark. I really don't know what I'm going to do with you, young lady."

Her hips dipped down, taking his glans into her yearning body for just a moment before releasing it and cupping it between her nether lips again. "I'm sure you'll figure it out," she purred down to him.

"No, no," he said shakily, his mind reeling from her actions. "You're just an impetuous young lass at the complete mercy of her hormones."

She responded by taking half his length into her body in one swift movement and clenching down hard on his shaft. Running her hands over his hairy chest and toying with his nipples, she said, "That's me. Now what are you gonna do about it?" She wiggled her hips and took another inch of him inside her with agonizing slowness. "Tell me, Kat," she panted heavily, trying not to lose control herself. "What are you gonna do about it?"

Kat looked up at her wicked smile helplessly. "Love you forever," he whispered.

Rialle pinched both of his nipples and tweaked them sharply, ripping a feral growl from him. Leaning down and turning her head to the side, she asked, "What was that again, lover?"

"Love you forever!" he breathed raggedly into her ear before grabbing her buttocks and sliding her the rest of the way down, impaling her on his shaft.

"Likewise, lover," she replied, licking his cheek. Their bodies instantly started to move together, thrusting and pulling and giving and taking as they had so many times before. Their hearts beat as one as their movements quickened, driving them on to a furious finish. Looking into his sparkling blue eyes, she cried out, "I love you, Kat!"

He felt her body grasping at his intruding shaft violently and he started to succumb to his own peak. Holding her close as they loved, he cried, "I love-" His statement never concluded as the moment was suddenly washed away in a blaze of intense white light.

* * *

Kat opened his eyes to find himself somehow standing upright upon a plateau of light brown rock overlooking a wide barren plain. Looking down at himself, he saw he was again clothed in his black jerkin, pants and boots and his long gray cloak. Sheer disbelief held him silent for several stunned heartbeats, then anger blazed inside him and he screamed, "Nexus!"

A dark being clothed in a writhing layer of silver sparks instantly appeared beside him, stepping through a fold in reality. {I am here,} his entire being intoned.

"Oh, give it up," Kat snapped, "and talk to me normally!"

"As you wish," the dark one replied audibly.

Kat fumed at the dark one. "What the hell is this, Nex?"

"You are on the planet of Bu'taam Neb, Chieftain of the Seven Tribes of-"

"I don't care where I am!" Kat raged. "I want to know why!"

"You know well why you are here," Nexus replied calmly. "You are needed."

"I was needed right the hell where I was!" Kat growled, then he sighed in exasperation. He knew no amount of screaming would ever faze the ever-stoic keeper of the Reality Corridor, so he reluctantly turned his attention to his new quest. "So what's reality's gig this time?" he asked impatiently.


Nexus pointed out over the plain and Kat's gaze followed. On the horizon bloomed a dark cloud, like a distant dust storm, and Kat frowned. He opened his mouth to ask what the cloud was, but the question died long before its asking as he anticipated the enigmatic response it would likely receive. Closing his mouth into a tight-lipped grimace, he cast a spell to enhance his eyesight, giving him a better view of the storm. Billowing clouds of reddish dust flew into the air, but then fell with an unnatural swiftness. Odd, he thought as he watched the strange phenomenon. It doesn't act like dust. More like a liquid. Like-

He barely stifled a gasp. "Blood!" he whispered in horror.

"That of the Fourth Tribe," Nexus added. "Their ranks will soon be no more."

Kat quickly returned his eyes to normal and failed to suppress a shudder. "The Seven Tribes of Narvala Cson," he recited from memory. "Each member is trained from birth to be a warrior. It's said they have never seen defeat in battle. Ever."

"Until today," Nexus intoned.

Kat clenched his teeth and stared at the cloud, which was quickly fading. "Who do they face?"

"An enemy of limited numbers but of unknown strength. They appeared here three moons ago."


"It is unclear how they got here. The first tremors were felt as they decimated the Sixth Tribe."

Kat faced Nexus. "How many Tribes remain?"

"Three. The Second, Fifth and the Seventh. However, they will not arrive in time to prevent their enemies' advance towards its objective."

"Bloody hell," Kat muttered under his breath. "The Shards of Time?"

"The same."

Kat's being exploded in a flurry of activity. Reality warped around him, replacing his cloak with a suit of form-fitting gray armour. His longsword Talon erupted from his right palm, its glowing silver blade twanging softly in anticipation as he grasped its hilt. Dozens of spells and reality shifts came to mind and he scanned them quickly, assembling a powerful suite of attack and defense strategies. "Game on," he said, his lips curling in a defiant sneer. Looking behind him, he saw a small mound marking the center of the barren plateau's surface. "Beneath that?" he asked.

"Yes," Nexus replied.

"Gotcha." Kat gripped the hilt of his sword tighter as his emotions surged, readying him for the upcoming battle. "So who's their boss?" he asked.

"That is not known, but this method of attack is consistent with several entities known to be enemies of this reality."

Kat turned back to the scene of the last battle. The red cloud had vanished and now a wave of dark creatures spilled over the horizon. Enhancing his eyes once again, he looked at the front ranks and growled dangerously. Dozens of small winged terrors were bounding towards him, their front claws slashing at the air before them and their rear claws leaving a trail of their victims' blood behind. Rage burned through Kat's mind and he rumbled, "Never mind. I know who it is."

"The Unspoken?" Nexus queried.


"I would caution you-," Nexus started.

"But I wouldn't listen anyway," Kat finished for him. "Get outta here, Nex. I'll be in touch."

Without another word, Nexus slipped through a fold in reality and vanished, leaving Kat to face the onrushing horde alone. They were halfway across the plain already and a steady wave of insane gibbering heralded their arrival. Kat gathered his strength and sent an enormous surge of power winging down to greet them. It blasted into the ground, detonating amidst the front ranks of the demons and sending a towering wall of debris to cover the others. As the sound of the blast faded, Kat noticed that the gibbering had stopped. The cloud of smoke and dust cleared and he was met by a chilling sight. The entire horde of demonspawn stood intact, completely unaffected by his attack, and they were now looking up at him with eyes aglow with sheer malice.

"That was a warning," Kat thundered down at them from the plateau, ignoring his attack's failure. "You will return to your home dimension immediately."

A faint wave of gibbering swept across the horde and one of them stepped forward from the rest, its sickly gray-green hide painted red in places with fresh blood. "Who are you?" it asked, its voice a long raspy snarl.

Kat silently pondered its question. Why would it ask who I am before attacking? The identity of the horde's master tickled at his mind and he took a chance. "I am Kat," he announced loudly, "protector of this reality."

A bellow of sheer rage engulfed the plateau as the demons surged forward without delay, their leathery wings beating and their claws flexing in murderous glee. Well, that confirms who I'm up against, Kat thought with a small, humourless smile. The first wave of demons had nearly clawed their way to the top of the plateau and Kat hurled a dimensional rift at them, designed to shred their beings. As the rift touched them, it destabilized and vanished without a trace. "What the hell?!" Kat muttered under his breath as he quickly backed away from the rise.

The first demon over the top was met by a bright blue beam of force which shot from Kat's open hand, but this too wavered and blinked out before striking. "Something very wrong here!" Kat noted as the demon grinned evilly at him. It sprang at Kat with unnatural swiftness, its claws and teeth bared. Talon flashed out to greet it, slicing partially through the beast's wing but not halting its advance. Claws raked through his armour as if it wasn't there, slashing deep gouges in his chest. Kat bellowed in pain and spun around, flinging the demon off his blade and sending it bouncing across the ground. Quickly looking at his chest, Kat was stunned to find the armour there intact. The pains in his chest told him otherwise and he cast a spell to heal himself. Six demons shot up over the edge of the rise and he hurled a fireball at them, only to see it snuffed out upon landing. The six met their wounded comrade and gibbered wildly as its wound healed itself.

Kat's mind reeled. Oh lovely, he thought, trying not to panic. Magic doesn't work against them! And my reality bursts aren't doing much either! Only one creature he knew of was so completely unaffected by both and he hoped that these were not such beasts. Let's try the direct approach, he thought hopefully. Holding Talon up to them, he snarled, "C'mon, you little buggers! Bring it on!"

Three demons leapt at him and he acted quickly, slashing at them with Talon while evading their attacks. Their carcasses hit the ground with dull thuds and he smiled in triumph, but it was short-lived as the three suddenly leaped to their feet again, their wounds completely healed.

"This would be bad," Kat remarked as the demons regrouped. More of them started to clamber over the rise and he found himself quickly being surrounded. Enough screwing around, he decided silently before loosing the full extent of his powers. Reality twisted and churned around him as he tried to seize the demon horde with his mind, but his hold on them slipped away every time he tried to tighten it. Why isn't it working? he thought helplessly. After several fruitless attempts, he reined in his powers and started to wave his sword in a circling defensive pattern to fend off their inevitable attack. He snarled at them and steeled himself. The old-fashioned way, then, he thought as he positioned himself directly over the demons' objective in the center of the plateau.

Clusters of demons leaped at him from every direction, trying to catch him off-guard, while the rest waited patiently for an opening in the shield of steel that was Talon's endlessly swinging blade. The attackers were wounded or deflected one after the other, but none were killed as their self-healing ability restored them to full strength after each new offensive. Kat did not fare as well, taking deep scratches and bites all over his body and healing himself during the infrequent lapses in the battle.

Chaos demons, he thought grimly. He had learned of them from Nexus during his extensive studies in the Reality Corridor, that space that was the focal point of all the planes of existence. One thing still puzzled him as he fought against the tireless horde. Chaos demons were supposed to be benign and extremely rare. Their very being was completely neutral, as they were a strange combination of reality and unreality. If either side overpowered the other, they would obliterate themselves. So how could these little terrors have such nasty attitudes? he wondered as another demon leapt past his ducking head.

He panted heavily as the sour-sweet scent of his own blood surrounded him. Searing pains wracked his body and he quickly realized that he was fighting a losing battle. Even as he fought for his life, one thought continued to bob to the surface of his mind.

The sheer injustice of it all.

She had been coming. So was he. He had been in his beloved Rialle's arms, deep inside her body, both of them screaming out their love for one another. Now he was on a planet several planes of reality away, slowly dying under the tireless screeching onslaught of a pack of demonspawn which wanted to flay him alive.

"This-" He swung Talon overhead, batting a demon into a group of its own.

"-will-" A well-placed kick sent another winged marauder flying.

"-end-" Twisting his body to the side, he barely dodged a trio of attackers and they sailed past him.

"-NOW!" Catching Kat off-balance at last, one demon launched itself directly at his chest. Its claw slipped through his armour effortlessly and sunk deep into his breast, then immediately started to rip its way towards his heart.

Uttering a howl of pure hatred, Kat reached up and pulled the claw from his chest before tearing the demon's stubby arm off its body. The demon fell to the ground shrieking and he kicked it brutally. It sailed through the air and landed with a sickening splat in front of its comrades before bursting into flames. The remainder of the horde stopped their attack and looked at it in confusion before turning their penetrating stares back to Kat.

He looked at the bloody arm he held and then at the bubbling puddle of flaming ooze that was the remains of the demon. Dead, he thought stupidly before a blinding flash of pain seared through his chest. Acting quickly, he cast a spell to heal the gaping wound and gasped as he felt his connection to the Source - the plane that was the origin of all magical energy - start to waver. Only got enough in me for one or two more spells, he thought. I better make 'em count. Returning his gaze to the limb he held, he suddenly tapped it against his armour. Instead of slipping through, it hit with a small thud. His mind made a quick connection and his heart leaped. Extending his right arm, he opened his hand and Talon quickly disappeared into his palm. Gathering as much magic as he could, he cast a pair of spells in unison. Instantly his body grew to triple its former size. "Come on, you little stinking bastards," he growled down at them, his voice straining with fatigue. He tossed the limb at them and spread his arms wide. "You want a bite? Come and get it!"

The air turned dark as the horde leapt as one, each of them landing on a different part of his body. Immediately claws and fangs ripped through his flesh, slicing through his armour as if it wasn't there. In mere moments, he was covered head to toe in a writhing cloak of death that sought to reduce him to scraps of gnawed bones. Just as his demon-encrusted body started to topple, a slight high-pitched whining sounded. The air around him started to shimmer faintly and the demons ceased their feasting for the briefest of moments.

An intense burst of light covered Kat's body, seeping out through the few gaps in the layer of beasts covering him. The light hit the shimmering air and instantly went wild, forming a cohesive sheet of intense brilliance which blasted out in all directions at once and incinerated the horde. Bodies and wings and claws were obliterated, burning away into a cloud of fine ash which floated away on the slight breeze. As the last few vanished, Kat's enormous mangled body shrank to normal size as he redirected the last remaining bits of the spell to keep his tattered body alive. He fell to the ground in a bloodied heap, wheezing faintly and trying not to pass out. "Game over," he mouthed, only a few broken shards of sound emerging in place of actual words.

A rustling sound nearby roused him and hatred blossomed inside his devastated frame. Summoning his power over reality, he healed himself enough to be able to stand again. Struggling back to his feet, he looked towards the source of the sound and snarled. One of the demons had escaped total annihilation, though a great deal of its body had been destroyed. Only one arm and part of a leg remained attached to its body and one shattered wing flopped around uselessly on its back. Noticing Kat glaring down at it, it shrieked pitifully and tried to scramble away from him, shouting, "Mercy!"

"Mercy," Kat repeated, his gruff voice that of death itself. Reaching down, he snatched the demon off the ground by its ruined wing and held it up before him. "You've come to the wrong place for that."

"Please!" the beast squeaked. "No hurt!"

"Oh, I won't hurt you," Kat said calmly, though still deadly serious. "I'll leave that to your master."

The demon's red eyes widened and trembled. "No master!" it wailed. "Kill! Please kill!"

"No deal," Kat replied. "You're going to carry a message to that idiot for me." Pulling the demon closer, he rumbled, "You tell him that if he even thinks about fucking around in my reality again, I will say his precious unspeakable name. I'll shout it from the fucking hills. And when he shows up, I will kick his sorry ass in ways he cannot even begin to imagine. You got all that?"

"No master!" the demon babbled. "No!"

"Good," Kat said, ignoring the demon's pleas. Brutally tearing a hole in reality, he opened a passage back to the demon's home plane. Raising the demon high overhead, he bellowed down the hole, "Hey, jerkshit! I've got a present for you!" With this, he hurled the demon into the hole with all his strength. The tear mended and disappeared, leaving Kat alone atop the plateau.

Weakly falling back to a sitting position on the small mound there, he said, "You can come out now." On cue, Nexus stepped out of a fold in reality and stood before him. "You enjoy the show?" Kat asked sarcastically.

"You performed well," Nexus replied. "You have done this reality a great service."

"Great," Kat muttered. He doubled up his legs and rested his head on his knees, then stared out over the plain. "Just great."

"How did you defeat them?"

"Weren't you watching?" Kat asked in surprise.

"I was, but I am unclear on why your tactic worked. None of your previous attacks seemed to affect them."

Kat sighed. "The horde was disguised as chaos demons, but they only mimicked their powers. They had to shift themselves to my reality to hurt me."

"So you allowed yourself to be attacked and then destroyed them once they all occupied this plane. Quite clever."

"I got lucky."

"And the power burst? A disintegration spell should have been beyond your abilities in your previous battered state."

"Twisted reality to alter the air density and cast a simple light spell. The light hit the air and lased."

"A combination of reality, magic and science. Quite ingenious."


The pair remained silent for several moment before Nexus spoke again. "You should heal yourself."

"No," Kat replied without looking up. A large drop of blood trailed down his face from a gash under his eye and he rubbed it absently, smearing it over his cheek. "I want to hurt right now."


Kat sighed again. "I just do."

"You are worried about Rialle," Nexus offered. "She does not realize you are here now. You can return to the exact moment you left and resume your life. She will never know."

"But I will," Kat said, anger rising in his voice once again. "I will know that during the very peak of one of the most precious times of our life together, I had to duck out and save the world."

"She knows of your position as this reality's protector. She accepts that it is your duty to leave."

"It's still not right," Kat muttered, shaking his head ruefully. "I should be there. I should be with her. Now."

"And you will be," Nexus assured him. "You know of the workings of time. 'Now' is whenever you choose it to be. You are currently outside of time. Place yourself back into its flow at whatever point you wish."

Kat chuckled softly. "Always so simple," he said, shaking his head again as he stood back up. "Then why do I feel like I've abandoned her?"

"That I do not know," Nexus admitted. "You worry about things which carry no true meaning, for the ones you think they will affect will never know of them."

Kat considered his words before offering his own. "Along the same thinking, this battle was meaningless since no one will ever know it happened."

"But if you had not been successful, countless beings would have known it by its effects. The Shards of Time would be in the hands of one who would lay waste to entire dimensions."

Kat smirked. "I guess an intact reality is worth an interrupted fuck."

"A crude observation, but true," Nexus answered, then added, "I know, however, that it meant much more to you than that." Kat looked at him in surprise. "Go to her now. Resume your life."

Kat nodded and quickly conjured a swirl of reality around himself which removed his armour and healed his entire body. "Stay in touch, Nex," he said. Stepping into a fold of reality, he stopped and said half-heartedly, "But try to call at a more convenient time next time around, okay?" Without waiting for a response, he slipped into the fold and vanished.

Nexus looked out over the empty field. "This reality is seldom convenient, Kat. Of all its protectors, you know that better than most." Stepping into a reality fold, he disappeared, leaving behind only the sound of a light breeze sweeping over the plain.

* * *

"I love you!"

Kat's cry echoed off the walls as he erupted inside Rialle's clasping warmth, spilling himself into the deepest recesses of her body. Holding her tightly, he continued to slide himself in and out of her throughout his orgasm, wanting to savor every last tremor and aftershock as they rumbled through his body.

Rialle kissed his cheek and neck tenderly as she felt him start to relax at last. "I love you," she whispered into his ear, punctuating her words with a series of small nibbles up his lobe.

"Mmm," he replied, settling back and enjoying her attentions as he felt himself softening within her. Stroking his hands over her naked body, he sighed and closed his eyes. Memories of his battle started to surface, but he forced them back with a small growl. I am not reality's protector now, he thought angrily. I am in the arms of my beloved where I belong. Everyone else can go straight to hell.

Rialle stirred as she lay upon his chest. "So everything went well?" she breathed.

His body stiffened at her question. "It was great. As always," he added, giving her an extra squeeze.

She purred affectionately at the gesture, but then rose up a space to look into his eyes. "Definitely, but I didn't mean this," she said, clenching herself around his softening sex. "So what did Nex come up with this time?"

Kat's face paled. "He- he told you?" he gasped.

"No," she replied with a small shake of her head. "You did. There are only a few things can get you to growl like that and Nex is one of them. So I guess everything came out okay. You're here and intact, after all!"

Kat tried to respond, but the words would not come. She knows! he thought in complete shock. She knows that I left her!

"Calm down, lover," she said in a soothing voice. "You look like hell. Are you okay?"

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, a tear falling from his eye.

"What for?" she asked in confusion.

"That I had to leave."

Rialle laughed and regarded his grief-filled expression. "You are a lovable nut, if nothing else," she said with a smile. "Of course you had to leave. It's your job."

"But I-"

"Shh," she said, pressing a finger to his lips. "Don't even start. I know you. You're upset that you got called away in the middle of things, right?"

He nodded behind her finger. "But I-"

"I said quiet!" she snapped, though with a playful grin. "So were you here when I came? Yes or no?" He nodded. "And were you here when you came?" she asked, knowing how silly the question sounded. He nodded again. "So what's your problem?" She removed her fingers from his lips and reached down to lightly cup his balls.

Kat laughed, a measure of relief spreading through him. "I just wanted it...," he started, then he gathered his thoughts. "I guess I don't like interruptions."

"Well-l," she said seductively as she caressed his soft scrotum, "I guess we'll just have to do it again!" She gave his balls a light tug, eliciting a low moan from him. "You don't have a problem with that, do you?"

Kat smiled as he felt himself hardening within her greedy sex. "Always so impatient," he teased as he reached up and stroked one of her nipples.

"So what are you gonna do about it?" she asked breathlessly as she started to slide her body along his length again.

"Love you forever," he purred. Their loving resumed passionately as the memory of the moment stolen from them quickly and quietly disappeared.


"Stolen Moment"

Stolen Moment is copyright (c) 2000 B.K. Bilicki. This story may not be distributed without the author's permission.

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